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1 In 6 Women Lose Their Jobs Due To Endometriosis

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In its survey of 389 women with a confirmed diagnosis of endometriosis, it was found that a lack of flexible arrangements in relation to work times or locations made it difficult for those trying to manage their symptoms, thereby creating greater difficulty and hardship in the workplace. Those who participated offered suggestions for companies looking to make their workplace more inclusive and accommodating of those suffering endometriosis.
Endometriosis is a chronic menstrual health disorder that affects at least one in nine women in Australia. For many, the chronic illness is a debilitating one and with no cure, sufferers rarely receive the medical attention and care they deserve. While treatment options are available and vary depending on the individual, the fact remains that endometriosis is a silent illness – while others might not be able to see your pain physically, it's still there. And when it comes to the workplace, this has a significant impact on women as a study reveals one in three Aussie women with…
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