6 Iconic Films That We All Loved But Critics Hated

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Reviews often help us decide whether a movie is worth watching. Here are some iconic films you didn't know were considered bad.
6 Iconic Films That We All Loved But Critics Hated

What makes a movie good or bad? For some, it's their personal enjoyment of the film. Others will wait for reviews to come out before deciding whether something is worth watching.

That's why we turn to Rotten Tomatoes. The review aggregator uses its Tomatometer to help us understand what the critics are saying about a movie — and whether the audience feels differently. But Rotten Tomatoes scores can be fickle things.

Recently we saw Citizen Kane, a film considered as an absolute classic by Hollywood, lose its 100% fresh rating due to an old negative review that was unearthed. This now puts a number of 100% fresh films rated above Citizen Kane, including Paddington 2.

However, reviews aren't everything. This got us thinking about movies that are considered bad by critics on Rotten Tomatoes but loved by audiences.

For a movie to be considered bad on Rotten Tomatoes it needs to get less than 60%. Here are some popular films with fans that didn't earn fresh status.

Space Jam – 43%

While it's no slam dunk, Space Jam's silly, Looney Toons-laden slapstick and vivid animation will leave younger viewers satisfied — though accompanying adults may be more annoyed than entertained. – Critics' consensus.

Audience score: 63%

Looney Tunes and basketball players? What could go wrong? Space Jam was beloved by…
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