A list of things Peter Dutton says we shouldn't talk about to avoid being threatened with defamation

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It seems that Dutton can dish it out, but he can't take it.
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Defence Minister Peter Dutton has issued defamation threats to a number of social media users who labelled him a "rape apologist" after he made dismissive comments about Brittany Higgins.

Dutton has targeted a wide range of people with letters from his lawyers, from unemployed Twitter users to prominent politicians including Greens Senator Larissa Waters (who later apologised).

We shouldn't be surprised. This is the same man who in 2016 demanded a photo of him lurking in the shadows be removed from the internet. In typical internet fashion, that demand resulted in a flurry of photoshopped images of him as Pennywise and Hannibal Lecter.

It seems Dutton can dish it out, but he can't take it. Here are a few unsavoury things he's said in his time (and a list of things you can joke about if you'd like to get sued).

On women

"He said, she said": When defending not telling Prime Minister Scott Morrison about Higgins' rape allegation and the potential reopening of the police case, Dutton said he hadn't been provided with "he said, she said" details of the incident. He had been provided with the "she said" details — but evidentially for Dutton, it would have been the "he said" details that mattered to address the alleged crime.

"Mad fucking witch": Like something out of Mean Girls, in 2016 Dutton texted the person he was…
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