ACT Election 2020: Labor vote down, but still on track to win, polling suggests
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fairly difficult
The result would consign the Canberra Liberals and Alistair Coe to another term on the opposition benches, despite the party on track to achieve a higher primary vote than Labor.
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Labor's primary vote is set to fall, but not by enough to prevent the Barr government winning another term at this year's ACT election, new polling suggests. Ten weeks out from the October 17 ballot, progressive think tank The Australia Institute has published polling results which indicate an expanded Greens vote will help carry Labor over the line. The uComms survey, which polled 1049 residents across the ACT on the night of July 20, is the first published research on how Canberrans might vote in an election year which has so far been overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the summer bushfires. Respondents were asked about their voting intentions in a poll conducted for the purpose of gauging support for the introduction of truth in political advertising laws in the ACT. Just over 37.5 per cent of respondents said they would vote Labor if the ACT election was held today, which would fall short of the 38.4 per cent the party polled in 2016. The Greens would receive…
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