Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite review
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Amazon's Fire Stick Lite adds a range of streaming services to your TV for a very low price, including Apple TV, but it's a frustrating platform to use.
Amazon's initial entry into the Australian streaming market with an incredibly cut-down version of its Amazon Prime Video streaming service wasn't particularly stacked with great watchable content, but over a couple of years it's grown into a highly accessible and entertaining library of shows and movies that many Australians enjoy essentially as an adjunct to their existing Amazon Prime subscription.

You've pretty much only got to order one item from Amazon per month for it to pay for itself and the video streaming service is a lovely "free" extra. That's because Amazon's put in a lot of work to make Amazon Prime Video highly appealing to Australian audiences.

However, when it comes to streaming hardware, while in its home US territory it offers up a wide array of Amazon Fire TV devices to suit every budget and viewing style, here in Australia we've only ever seen the entry-level Amazon Fire TV models for sale. Its first model sold here, the Amazon Fire Stick Basic, lived up to that suffix with an astonishingly rudimentary set of onboard apps.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is better, with a wider range of streaming apps on board, but it's still a low-cost product that needs some serious refinement, so while Prime Video has gotten a lot better over the years, we're still stuck with lesser effort hardware to watch it on.


Design Simple stick is easy to install

Poor remote control response

Rarely has a product been so aptly named as the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite. At 32g, while that's not what the suffix really means, it's certainly light. It's also a stick with an HDMI plug at one end and a microUSB socket for power on the side. That ubiquitous Amazon smile logo is stamped on the side, and you get an HDMI extender if you need it and a power plug and USB cable in the box, and that's your lot.

The whole idea here is that the Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite is meant to be a no-fuss, easy install product, and that's actually quite true, until you get to the…
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