Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals 2020
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Save on consoles, games, and accessories with these Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals
Looking for Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch deals? You're in the right place. Bookmark this page and come back in October to find out what offers on the portable console are available. We're guessing there will be a few. Considering how hard they've been to find during the pandemic, they're probably going to sell out fast as well.

Out of the 'big three', Nintendo is going to be the only company not releasing a new console this holiday season (we're getting the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5 before the year is out). As a result, don't expect massive discounts in the Amazon Prime Day Nintendo Switch sales. That's not to say it won't be reduced in price, of course - just that it won't drop as low as an Xbox One or PS4 is likely to.

Nintendo Switch console deals

Regardless of whether you're trying to find the standard Nintendo Switch or the cheaper, smaller Lite,…
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