Australia's Dylan Alcott secures men's 'Golden Slam' with US Open victory
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Aussie wheelchair tennis star Dylan Alcott has won the US Open quad singles, becoming the first man to complete a calendar year 'golden slam' of major titles.
"Thanks for making the dreams of a young fat disabled kid with a really bad haircut come true because I can't believe I just did it!" he told the Louis Armstrong Stadium crowd.

"I just cant believe I just won the golden slam!"

Then he was off to the Arthur Ashe Stadium to watch the men's singles final between Daniil Medvedev and Novak Djokovic, opening a can of beer for the cameras, pouring it into his trophy, chugging it all down and then plonking the upside-down Cup on his head.

Cue cheers all round from the Flushing Meadow crowds who had earlier watched him produce a vintage display to outclass the 18-year-old Vink, the sport's new rising star who had pushed Alcott to three sets in a classic at the Paralympics.

This time, the only real worry seemed to come at the start for Alcott as he waited a mite anxiously for his match wheelchair to be brought to the court.

Dylan Alcott claims historic Golden Slam after winning US Open title

At the end of an uneven first set in which serve was broken seven times, Alcott produced his best tennis, racing to retrieve a net cord and then somehow finding a dazzling lob to win the set 7-5 with his 17th winner of the stanza.

From there, he was in complete control, taking victory in an hour and a quarter after adding another 11 winners.

'It changed and saved my life'

After praising Vink for pushing him to a new level, Alcott told the crowd: "I used to hate myself so much, I hated my disability, I didnt even want to be here any more…
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