BARRETT: Win or lose, these Cats should be feted, Voss deserves another crack
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Geelong may not have won a premiership since 2011 but its finals record is simply extraordinary, writes Damian Barrett
Patrick Dangerfield and Gryan Miers embrace after Geelong's win over GWS in the semi-final on September 3, 2021. Picture: Getty Images

HAVE never understood those who criticise Geelong.

Have never got why a club which seeks to win the premiership every single season is sometimes laughed at when it goes close but falls short. Certainly don't subscribe to the view of many that clubs need to bottom-out in order to finish top.

And here we are again, in 2021, with the Cats into the last four. It's the 12th time in the past 18 seasons they've achieved that feat, and seventh time in 11 seasons with Chris Scott as coach. It is an extraordinary period of success, and while I fully realise the mindset around the AFL system is that there is only one winner each year, there are times I wished we embraced at least part of the United States football model of properly recognising, and celebrating, success along the way to the main prize.

Geelong fans out in force against GWS in the semi-final on September 3, 2021. Picture: Getty Images

There is always a lot to lose upon entry to a preliminary final, and Geelong would be shattered to lose another of those week three finals matches. And again, the critics would be out in force. Too old, too slow, too predictable.

But, given Geelong's circuitous passage to this year's one, which required a detour through Friday night's semi-final against GWS, it now has the rare luxury next Friday night of being able to adopt a nothing-to-lose mindset against the minor premier, and dominant qualifying final winner, Melbourne. And that might prove to be its greatest asset for this match at Optus Stadium.

Extraordinarily, the incredible, thrilling matches of Friday and Saturday night in the final round of the 2021 home and away season are to be repeated in…
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