Cornes calls for AFL investigation into Hay's stunning Hawthorn admission
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Kane Cornes has called for the AFL to mount an investigation into recent revelations from ex-Hawthorn player Jonathan Hay.
In a Herald Sun feature, Hay admitted to being a regular user of drugs during his playing days, with one paragraph in the article in particular alarming Cornes.

"The strongest and most concerning paragraph of this article from the Herald Sun for me was: 'Hawthorn had a cabinet in the doctor's room and it was full of Valium and sleeping tablets and I could walk in there and it was never locked. I don't blame Hawthorn, but I would go in, help myself to whatever I wanted. My drug use was daily'," Cornes told SEN SA Breakfast.

On the back of Hay's admission, the former Port Adelaide All-Australian believes the AFL must investigate what really happened and get to the bottom of it.

"Now, that deserves an AFL investigation. I know it was 15 years ago, but how can a club who Hay says was aware of his issues and aware of his drug use have a room in the club where they just allow…
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