Couple arrives home to find lengthy noise complaint letter taped to door
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'No judgement on my end'
A couple has arrived home to a letter detailing how their "sex" noises are bothering their neighbours and just in case they are in any doubt as to how loud their lovemaking is, a USB recording was also attached.

The long and detailed letter was taped to the front door and it even included a helpful graphic explaining how "reverberation" works to carry their sex noises across the building.

The letter has been shared on Reddit. It reads: "Living in a condo building means you tend to be closer to your neighbours than you otherwise normally would be," the note began.

The letter was left taped to the couple's front door. (Reddit)

"Meaning I could be living in a completely different area of our building and still be able to hear you loudly having sex.

"Now, don't get me…
Jo Abi
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