Essential Supplements Every Runner Should Take
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Running is a perfect and healthy way to exercise, engaging the body wholesomely. Some people run for fitness while others run professionally in races or marathons.
Whatever context that gets you into some good running shoes and stretching or preparing for a run, you need to be physically ready for the task ahead, mentally prepared, and your nutrition has to be balanced. Nutrition is an important aspect, and just to make sure you are getting back all the necessary nutrients you need to retain your energy before and after running, there are essential supplements that you should take. Here they are.

Amino Acids

The body generates its own amino acids at low levels. As a runner, get a boost of amino acids from taking fish and supplements. Running has a lot to do with endurance, and with proper amino acid levels, there will be a less lactic acid build-up in the muscles, which means you can run longer distances without getting sore, and you will ultimately recover faster. As per the advice on this site, amino acids will help your blood vessels dilate, therefore boosting your energy while supporting brain and cardiovascular health. As a runner, always supplement your nutrition with amino acids.


Electrolytes such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, and chloride are lost as you sweat, causing an imbalance. For a runner, this will be characterized by muscle weakness, fatigue, and headache, sometimes even confusion. Electrolyte supplements are, therefore, useful to keep you fresh for more runs. Calcium, for example, will keep your bones healthy while zinc will work with body enzymes to improve energy metabolism and support immunity. Iron strengthens muscles and improves the capacity to…
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