'Failure of standards': Health officials slam video of coronavirus 'hotel quarantine rave' in Darwin

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The president of the Northern Territory Australian Medical Association says vision of a dance party at a Darwin quarantine facility was of 'significant concern'.
Health officials have called for an urgent review into management of the Northern Territory's mandatory quarantine system after video emerged online of a dance party at a facility in Darwin.

The video, posted to TikTok, shows people gathering in a large group between accommodation facilities for a dance party, with some seen not wearing face masks.


It's believed the video was filmed at the Howard Springs quarantine facility in Darwin.

TikTok video shows dance party at quarantine facility in Howard Springs, Darwin

Robert Parker, President of the Australian Medical Association's Northern Territory branch, told SBS News the video raised significant concern and likened it to hotel quarantine breaches in Melbourne.

"The whole thing is you are in quarantine to prevent you from passing the COVID-19 bugs on to other individuals. But if you are interacting with others, that's what you could do," he said.

"We have been lucky in the NT that we have had no significant community transmission and we have been far away from the hotspots of Sydney and Melbourne. So, I guess it…
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