Former AFL star Brock McLean reveals strip club sacking, mental health battle
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'Drug benders' snow-balled into something else
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Ex-Blues and Demons midfielder Brock McLean has revealed the story behind his unceremonious sacking during the 2014 off-season.

After injury plagued the end of his time at Melbourne, McLean was traded to Carlton in 2010. Niggling injuries forced him to only play eleven games in his first two and a half years at the Blues, before finishing fourth in the club's best and fairest vote in 2012.

His time at Carlton came to an end in 2014, despite stacking up the stat sheet with 30 disposals in the final game of the season. He thought his services were required for the following year but he told the Herald Sun's Sacked podcast that wasn't the case.

McLean also admitted he experienced issues with alcohol and illicit substances during his career and recorded one failed drug test.

"I was told I was a required player and that everything would be sorted out once I got back from overseas. They knew I was going on a trip and said 'go and enjoy it'," he revealed.


" I think Adam Ramanauskas, who was my manager at the time, got in touch with me when I was overseas and said, "I am starting to get a bit worried, mate. The offer hasn't come. Then I had a call from (then Carlton football boss) Andy McKay.

"We were in a strip club in Copenhagen, me and some guys from the hostel I was staying at.

"The conversation with Macca was pretty forthright. I think I told him to go and 'f--- off at the end of the conversation and hung up. I had had a…
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