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Global Energy Ventures' technology provides 'missing link' for global green hydrogen economy

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As 2021 heads towards a close, Global Energy Ventures (ASX: GEV) has positioned itself at the forefront of the rapidly emerging green hydrogen economy
with its strategy to provide the "missing link" using its proprietary compressed hydrogen shipping technology.

The company's compressed shipping supply chain solution has been developed to enable the economic transport of green hydrogen from production sites to consumers where shipping is over a regional distance of up to 4,000 nautical miles.

COP26 reinforced the thematic of the world's developed countries increasing their investment into renewable energy solutions in a bid to achieve net zero carbon targets, with green hydrogen becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to decarbonise the hard to abate energy hungry industries as well as the displacement of circa 80Mt of grey hydrogen produced today which does not capture its carbon emission in the process

With the green hydrogen economy rapidly developing and investors clamouring to bring projects online, Global Energy Ventures has noted a key component of the economy's eventual success has been overlooked – simple and efficient bulk-scale transportation solutions of green hydrogen from project sites to consumers worldwide.

Mounting hydrogen demand

This situation arises amid increasing demand for the energy which is forecast to grow "significantly".

Global consulting company Roland Berger has published a report predicting demand for clean hydrogen in Europe alone will exceed 45 million tonnes by 2050.

The report Hydrogen transportation: the key to unlocking the clean hydrogen economy notes many end-uses like transportation, heating, and heavy industry will likely turn to hydrogen as a viable green energy solution as the world decarbonises.

"Clean hydrogen will become a cornerstone of the energy transition and decarbonisation efforts around the globe," the report…
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