Grab a Discounted Dash Cam Because You Can't Trust Other Drivers
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As far as dash cams go, this isn't a bad beginners choice.
Grab a Discounted Dash Cam Because You Can't Trust Other Drivers

Over the last decade we've seen the amount of people who own and use dash cams steadily increase. If you don't already have one, chances are you know someone who does. At the very least you've most likely watched one or two of Dash Cam Owners Australia videos on YouTube or Facebook at some point.

A dash cam can be a pretty good investment. You might consider yourself a pretty careful driver who doesn't need a dash cam, but you know how that old saying goes – it's better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

You might be able to capture some weird roadside hi-jinx on camera, or you'll have a nice, crisp video of some dickhead driver backing their car into yours.

If you don't already own a dash cam, or the one you're currently using is getting a bit long in the tooth, here are some of the best dash cam deals currently available in Australia.

Grab the Garmin 66W and save $80

As far as dash cams go the Garmin Dash Cam 66W is a solid option. Especially at its currently discounted price of $269, which is a decent $80 off…
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