Hardwick lashes out at Lynch critics, says Richmond targeting should stop

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Richmond coach Damien Hardwick has hit out at critics of Tom Lynch, including former Melbourne star David Schwarz, for their criticism of Lynch's physical aggression against opponents.
With the Tigers well into preparations for their annual Dream Time game against Essendon in Darwin on Saturday night, Hardwick let fly at several people for their criticism of Lynch. "It's part of his game, obviously we want Tom to play to the letter of the law but there are times he is going to go past that like most players," Hardwick said. "I've spoken to Tom and I love his aggression, sometimes he will go over [the edge] and give away free kicks or like last weekend get reported. "But I thought the carry on was completely over the top. Those sort of things happen within the game 400 times but for some reason, we all go after Tom Lynch.

"I found it disappointing, especially some of the players that made comment, David Schwarz was completely over the top, [journalist] Mark Robinson as well. I was incredibly disappointed with that. They are there to make comment but let's share the load and not just target Richmond players." Hardwick took a second swing at Schwarz, who was part of the Melbourne side who lost to Hardwick's…
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