Hotel quarantine manager fired after 51 incident reports in first four weeks
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Manager and head of infection control at a Melbourne quarantine hotel both fired after reports of dozens of incidents were lodged in the first four weeks of its operation.
"Where we have disagreements over the last year, we've always tried to do it publicly [and] lightly, but they've taken swift actions and therefore I support the actions they've taken," Mr Hunt said. "We have confidence in the quarantine system right around the country." The first infection control complaints at the Novotel arose within days of it accepting guests. Incident reports ranged from a worker disposing of their personal protective equipment in the wrong location to serious problems such as an employee walking directly from a "red" zone into a "green" lift, potentially infecting the area. Of the 51 incident reports in the first month at the Novotel, 15 directly related to infection control breaches.

Professor Sutton, senior public health officials and Ms Cassar were notified of the problems and prioritised visits to the Novotel where they gave the manager and the infection control head repeated warnings to improve the hotel's performance. In late April, less than a month after the hotel opened, CQV became convinced the duo were not improving the Novotel and decided to replace them. The Age has chosen not to name the two workers. International flights resumed into Melbourne on April 8. Credit:Getty Images Ms Cassar said incident reports were part of an "if you see it, report it" culture and were often minor transgressions. "It is really important to…
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