How extending Melbourne's lockdown was based on two cases that turned out to be false positives
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The state's snap seven-day lockdown due to a swelling cluster of infections in Melbourne, which peaked at 63 on Thursday, was extended by two weeks to June 10.
Victoria's lockdown was extended over two infections from 'fleeting' stranger-to-stranger contacts that turned out to be false positives.

The state's snap seven-day lockdown was pushed out to June 10 in Melbourne, with case numbers reaching 63 on Thursday.

According to health officials, the longer lockdown was partly based on positive test results of two people who had only passing contact with infected cases.

Such easy transmission prompted Victorian chief health officer Brett Sutton to dub it an 'absolute beast' that was spreading 'in settings and circumstances we've never seen before' - justifying a harder response.

But on Thursday, the Health Department said the pair were actually virus-free and their positive test results were false positives.

This routine but critical finding was a huge broadside to the 'beast' variant theory and prompted fresh calls for state bosses to end the lockdown early.

On Sky News that evening, political pundit Peta Credlin - who served as former prime minister Tony Abbott's chief of staff - unloaded on the state government.

Pictured: Political commentator Peta Credlin, who blasted the Victorian government for being 'incompetent' on Thursday

She fired seething shots at Dan Andrews' government for asking the federal government to help finance a rescue package for newly-jobless residents.

Victorians in Covid hotspots can claim $500 a week from Centrelink if they are unable to work due to lockdown.

Credlin insisted Australians in other states should not pay for Victoria's 'incompetence' in being unable to manage the virus and needing a fourth lockdown.

'Surely the government that orders the lockdown must pay for it,' she said.

'It's hard to begrudge people who can't work getting some help, but I'm nonetheless frustrated to see the commonwealth, yet again, bail out and make excuses for the most destructive and incompetent state government in Australia's history.'

She went on to explain that the federal government gave $46…
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