'I would take anything to get off my face': Former AFL star's extraordinary drug admission

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Former Hawthorn and North Melbourne player Jon Hay has opened up on his secret drug addiction that ran parallel with his playing career and crippled his post-footy life, revealing he would raid Hawthorn's medical cabinet and "help myself to whatever I wanted".
The All-Australian's admissions to the Herald Sun prompted Port Adelaide champion Kane Cornes to hit out at the AFL's illicit drugs policy that "just does not work", claiming current players would still be "abusing this policy that does protect the anonymity of players".

Hay explained he turned to drugs to help deal with the pressures of footy and a five-year ordeal with a stalker who, despite Hay's attempts with a detective, couldn't be arrested, even though they would stare through Hay's windows at 4am or send anonymous men sourced from gay websites to his house.

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Hird's Beyond Blue phone call 2:05

"In 2001 I had an operation on my knees and that's when my drug use really started," he told Herald Sun reporter Jon Ralph.

"Hawthorn had a cabinet in the doctor's room and it was full of valium and sleeping tablets and I could walk in there and it was never locked. I don't blame Hawthorn but I would go in and help myself to whatever I wanted. My drug use was daily.

"I would get through training and it would be like a reward to myself, I would get off my face with sleeping tablets and valium.

"That went on for a couple of years and then I went doctor shopping. I understood the lingo of what to say and I had the doctors fooled. And they were giving me what…
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