In tune with our marvellous city of four seasons in one day
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From Neil Finn to Dame Melba, Skyhooks to Paul Kelly, this city has inspired musicians and songwriters to pour their hearts out.
DEPRESTON, Courtney Barnett Courtney Barnett often finds inspiration for songs in the sights and sounds of her hometown, Melbourne. Credit:Simon Schluter Having called Melbourne home for more than a decade – after growing up in Tasmania – Courtney Barnett has included Fitzroy Pool (Aqua Profunda), High Street in Northcote (Avant Gardener) and the Nicholas Building in Swanston Street (Elevator Operator) in her songs. But perhaps her best known is Depreston, based around house hunting in an over-priced market. The Californian bungalow she's singing about was once someone's home with "those canisters for coffee, tea and flour" in the kitchen.

DOWN CITY STREETS, Archie Roach In the tenth and final song for his debut album Charcoal Lane, Archie Roach sings about the despair of homelessness and the joy of finding love and "children of my own" in this simply beautiful song. It was originally written by his partner, Ruby Hunter, and the pair re-recorded it for her 2005 album Ruby. The song doesn't mention Melbourne specifically, but these city streets play a major role.

FOOTSCRAY, Billy Miller Better known for his 1970s hit song Don't Fall in Love with pop group the Ferrets, Billy Miller has been a stalwart of Melbourne's live music scene from his long running residency at St Kilda's George Hotel to countless collaborations. Footscray was recorded a few years ago for his most recent album, Australia, three…
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