Inside the cruise ship graveyard where luxury liners are broken up for scrap
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With the pandemic causing a downturn in cruising and holidays, one industry is thriving - the scrap metal industry.
From afar, it looks like there's been a terrible maritime accident - five huge cruise ships jammed into a port, so close together that they're touching.

It's no mistake, but little care was taken to wedge the ships in.

See the amazing drone vision in the video above

There was a lot of screeching and scraping as the steel hulls rubbed one another, and the final ship was beached.

Once worth hundreds of millions of dollars each, Carnival Imagination, Carnival Inspiration, Carnival Fantasy, and Royal Caribbean's Monarch of the Seas and Sovereign of the Seas have been sold for scrap.

Ersin Kaptan, the General Manager of the Ship Recyclers Association of Turkey, speaks with Hugh Whitfeld. Credit: Jimmy Cannon/7NEWS

Ersin Kaptan is the General Manager of the Ship Recyclers Association of Turkey.

"The main reason for the cruise ships coming to us is the COVID crisis," says Kaptan, as we look over the huge port area at Aliaga, filled with partly-wrecked ships, and acres of scrap metal.

"Every time a crisis occurs in…
Hugh Whitfeld
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