iTWire - LG's Smart TVs will get Google's Stadia cloud gaming in late 2021
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With a TV so much more than just a way to pick up free-to-air signals these days, and in 2021 brimming with smarts that allow streaming, gaming, access to apps, mirroring from devices and more, the news that LG's Smart TVs will Google's Stadia cloud gaming late this year is a natural and expected development.
LG Electronics had announced a partnership with Google to bring its Stadia cloud gaming service to LG's latest webOS smart TVs in the second half of this year - with its CES 2021 announcements here and the steam of LG's CES 2021 "Life On TV" keynote embedded at the end of this article.

We're told that Google will bring Stadia to its Google TV equipped TVs first, but after that, LG will be the first TV maker to natively support Stadia gameplay via webOS.

LG also says it is "demonstrating its commitment to supporting premium gaming on its state-of-the-art displays for a compelling viewing experience with support for 4K and 5.1 virtual surround sound for Stadia Pro users".

At time of launch, LG informs us that Stadia will only be available on LG smart TVs running webOS 6.0, which is only available on the 2021 LG TV range, but there is good news for owners of LG TVs with webOS 5.0, as they "will receive the service later this year" - so it's good to see some backwards compatibility with the last generation of webOS 5.0-equipped smart TVs.

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