Kane Cornes unleashes on AFL's illicit drugs policy after Jonathan Hay bombshell

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'Players learning ways to get around the system'
4 hours ago

4 hours ago

Port Adelaide great Kane Cornes has slammed the AFL's illicit drugs policy after yet another retired player revealed that he had used drugs throughout his career.

Cornes' comments came after former Hawthorn and North Melbourne defender Jonathan Hay described himself as "a full-blown drug addict" during his career.

"I got a couple of strikes, but they were confidential," Hay told the Herald Sun.

"I didn't get tested a great deal on game day which was fortunate. I got tested quite a bit during training and morphine and Valium doesn't show up."

Hay's story left Cornes thoroughly unimpressed, as he lamented how easy it was for AFL stars to get around the system due to it protecting the players' identities.

Jonathan Hay is the latest ex-AFL star to say he took drugs throughout his playing days (The Age)

"The AFL's illicit drugs policy just does not work," he told the AFL Sunday Footy Show.

"The players are learning ways to get around the system. Brock McLean speaks about it in his article that he was abusing drugs all weekend and he was turning up on Monday…
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