Kayla Itsines shares the simple home workout behind her enviable physique - using a CHAIR

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The latest 'zero equipment' routine from the South Australian mother-of-one, 29, involves five easy exercises that she promises will 'target your full body in minutes'.
Fitness star and personal trainer Kayla Itsines has shared the simple home workout she uses to maintain her incredible physique - and all it requires is a chair.

The 29-year-old co-founder of the SWEAT app shared a video of the routine on Instagram to promote her new 'zero equipment' fitness challenge.

It involves five exercises that strengthen the abs, arms and glutes, but the South Australian mother-of-one - who shares one-year-old daughter Arna Leia with her ex fiancé, Tobi Pearce - promises it will 'target your full body in minutes'.

The clip follows Kayla as she performs sit-ups, jump squats, hip thrusts and planked shoulder taps using the chair for balance, before stepping up on the seat for the final cardio move.

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So THAT'S your secret! South Australian fitness star Kayla Itsines (pictured) performs a simple home workout with no equipment - just a chair - to maintain her shredded physique

1. Step-Ups

A step-up is a simple bodyweight exercise that builds muscles in the legs and buttocks, and performing one is easy as it sounds.

Standing tall with feet shoulder width apart, facing the seat of the chair, put your right foot flat on the seat and drive your leg up to stand on the seat with both feet.

Lead with your left leg to stand down to your starting position, then repeat 20 times, 10 on each foot, for three rounds.

2. Sit to Jump Squats

A more challenging version of the classic squat, sit to jump squats require a chair with a seat high enough that your hips…
By Alice Murphy For Daily Mail Australia
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