Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are expecting their first child
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Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, who met on the set of Game of Thrones, have revealed they're expecting a baby.
Our first GoT baby!

The very first Game Of Thrones baby is on its way!

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie -- who met on the set of the iconic TV show -- have announced they're expecting a child. The news was revealed in a beautiful black-and-white photoshoot Leslie did for Make magazine.

In the accompanying article, Leslie revealed that her and Harington have just bought a rustic country home in rural England. She describes it as "the house that Jon Snow built".

"It's incredibly old. We have a thatched roof, which currently has an enormous hornet's nest in it. I do love to think about the house and all the people who have lived there. Were they happy, how did they live? All the…
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