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Levi's will now pay you for your used jeans. If they're in good condition, vintage jeans could be worth a $30 Levi's gift card.
This week, Levi's is launching a program called Levi's SecondHand, allowing shoppers to buy pre-owned jeans and jackets and turn in their own used items for a credit.

The idea is "all about connecting people to timeless styles they otherwise may not have found, and most importantly, saving clothing from going into a landfill," according to the Levi's SecondHand site.

The resale market is exploding. According to research from ThredUp and GlobalData Retail, the resale market is expected to rise from $32 billion this year to $51 billion by 2023.

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Levi's is getting into the resale game.

The company is launching its own program for shoppers to buy and sell pre-owned jeans and jackets, called Levi's SecondHand.

Customers who bring in their old denim to Levi's stores can get a credit of between $5 and $35, depending on the item's age, condition, and original retail price.

As an example, items that were made in the…
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