Line of Duty star's 11-year-old son involved in 'attempted abduction'
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While walking home from school
The son of Line of Duty star, Sherise Blackman, was almost abducted walking home from school.

Blackman, who plays police officer Ruby Jones in the hit BBC crime series, says the 11-year-old was walking a different route home to where they live in South East London after his bus was diverted. However, while walking he was approached by a man with a black van who offered him a ride home.

After declining the lift, he reportedly noticed another two men following him, prompting the quick-thinking boy to run away to a nearby park and asking two teenagers for help.

"He saw the basketball court and saw two teenage boys playing basketball and he ran in there behind them," Blackman told the Evening Standard.

Sherise Blackman with her family in 2018. (Instagram)

The two men then followed him to the court, telling the teenage boys that he was with them, to which Blackman's son replied "I don't know them."

The teens then blocked the…
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