Man reveals how his wife poisoned him with ARSENIC in his protein powder
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J.D. McCabe, 56, was happily married to his ex-wife, but after 17 years, things changes. He began dramatically losing weight and experiencing other health issues.
A South Carolina man has detailed how his ex-wife secretly poisoned him by putting arsenic in his protein powder, causing him to experience intestinal issues, joint pain, and dramatic weight loss of nearly 70 lbs. in a matter of months.

J.D. McCabe, 56, tells that he spent 17 years happily married to his now ex-wife, Erin, raising their two children together in a loving environment.

But things took a staggering turn when Erin began abruptly accusing McCabe of cheating, abusing drugs and alcohol, and being mentally ill, turning their once-happy home into one plagued by gaslighting and mistrust.

As their marriage crumbled, McCabe began a simple workout regimen but was shocked to lose so much weight so quickly, dropping the first 30 lbs. in just six weeks.

After several doctors' appointments, McCabe learned that he had been chronically exposed to arsenic — which he realized Erin had slipped into his protein powder.

J.D. McCabe, 56, tells about how his once-happy marriage turned toxic — literally — when he says his ex-wife poisoned him with arsenic in his protein powder

He was happily married to his ex-wife and raised two kids with her — but her behavior changed 17 years into the marriage, becoming hostile

McCabe recounts his extraordinary story in his book, 'The Third Gift: My Dance With The Devil (And Her Mother),' and has recently gone viral on TikTok sharing some of the most remarkable details.

He and Erin met in the early '90s when McCabe was playing shortstop in a slow-pitch softball league and was introduced to Erin by the third basemen's wife after a game.

They dated for about a year and a half before getting engaged and tied the knot on September 11, 1993.

For nearly two decades, McCabe says they were 'happily married,' welcoming a son who is now 26 and a daughter who is now 22.

His daughter had once described them as 'teenagers in love.'

But around the 17-year mark, McCabe says that Erin began making 'subtle…
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