Megan Gale breaks silence on brother Jason's shock death
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Megan Gale has opened up about the "hardest couple of months of her life" after the death of her brother Jason.
In 13 minute video posted to Instagram, the supermodel said his passing had come as a "huge shock".

Mr Gale, 49, was found dead in bushland south-east of Perth in July after a week long police search. He was believed to have ben struggling after witnessing the death of his colleague Robert Cunico in 2018.

Mr Cunico was working as a supervisor for Civmec Construction and Engineering at the Water Corporation wastewater treatment plant at Woodman Point when the joint on an aerator pipe failed and struck him.

"It's been probably the hardest couple of months of my life and I honestly have had no desire to post anything. Even this felt foreign to me," she…
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