Megan Gale touches on her brother 's tragic death as she announces she's closing her business
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Megan Gale has revealed she's 'reassessing' her life and priorities after her brother Jason's tragic death in July.
In an emotional video shared to Instagram on Monday, the 45-year-old model announced she is closing down her children's skincare business, The Mindful Life.

'There's nothing like the death of someone extremely close to you to make you stop and take stock and make you reassess what you're doing with your own life and underline the complete importance of how precious life is,' Megan said.

'Life is precious': On Monday, a heartbroken Megan Gale touched on her brother Jason's death as she announced she was closing her children's skincare business

Megan said she was devastated to be closing her business selling natural skincare products for children, but she knew it was the right thing to do.

She said she 'fought' hard to keep her business going after being let down by third parties, but admitted it had become 'soul destroying'.

'For me it's been particularly challenging doing a business myself... In short, I trusted the wrong people and with some pretty major elements of the business. What I lost was the most valuable commodity - time,' she said.

Grief: The 45-year-old shared an emotional video to Instagram in which she revealed that Jason's (pictured) death in July had made her reassess her life and priorities

She explained that she'd tried to save the business by asking advisers for help, but then found out her brother had died, which completely changed her perspective.

'Nothing else mattered except family, that's when I pressed pause, went to Perth and in quarantine,' Megan said.

'That's when I had a lot of time. There's nothing like the death of someone extremely close to you to make you…
By Chloe-lee Longhetti For Daily Mail Australia
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