Missed the ACT election coverage? Here are the results from voting day

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There was no long, drawn out wait for results as votes were tallied yesterday for the 2020 ACT election – the count was almost instant.
There was no long, drawn out wait for results as votes were tallied yesterday for the 2020 ACT election.

With more than 70 per cent of Canberrans voting before the official polling day, and most of those done electronically, the count was almost instant.

The numbers quickly showed Labor was likely to be returned to Government with the help of the Greens, and the Canberra Liberals faced a reduced parliamentary presence.

With just under 80 per cent of all votes counted at the end of Saturday night, here is what you need to know about the election, and the territory's 10th ACT Legislative Assembly.

1. Labor maintains its dominance in Canberra

Andrew Barr will again be Chief Minister as he leads his party into 20 years of Labor Government in the ACT.

But the party will again need the support of the Greens to form government, with no outright majority won with 80 per cent of the votes counted.

Labor looks likely to re-enter the Assembly with the same number of seats it had last term, after experiencing an almost static 0.1 per cent swing against them.

The difference this time is what Mr Barr is calling the party's "southern resurgence", as it enjoyed an almost 8 per cent swing towards it in the electorate of Brindabella – largely centred around Tuggeranong.

The party says that result is a vote of confidence in its plans to expand light rail to the south.

2. The Greens are about to have a much bigger seat at the table

Saturday night's results left three seats undecided – and ABC election analyst Antony Green says the Greens have a chance to pick up all of them.

The party enjoyed a 3.6 per cent swing towards it, with four-fifths of votes counted.

The ACT Greens have won a predicted three seats, meaning they could have as many as six seats in the 25-member Assembly.

Leader Shane Rattenbury has been…
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