NSW Health sources claim Australian government's COVID-Safe app experiencing 'technical issues'

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<p>The Australian government&#x27;s COVID-Safe app is not operating as it should, according to NSW Health sources. </p>
The Australian government's COVID-Safe app is not operating as it should.

More than 6 million Australians have downloaded the app upon the direction of the government, who said it is necessary to help health officials track any future outbreaks of coronavirus in the community.

But according to NSW Health, staff are having "technical issues that mean they cannot use the data from the app to trace the contacts of an infected person, which is the primary purpose" of the application.

Earlier this week tech experts urging Australians to not just download but update the coronavirus contact tracing app to avoid a problem where it could be disabled.

Software developer Richard Nelson found a flaw in the COVIDSafe app that would allow someone with a relatively simple Bluetooth device to crash the app running on phones in the vicinity.

That would mean they weren't picking up the "handshakes" with other phones…
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