NZREPS highlights benefits of movement for women's health and wellness
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NZREPS highlights benefits of movement for women's health and wellness  Australasian Leisure Management
The New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals (NZREPs) has highlighted the benefits of movement for women's health and wellness advising that keeping active throughout life is an important part of staying healthy.

However they note that with aging and at different stages of life, the type of exercise engaged in will need to change to suit us - sharing that for midlife women, this is especially true.

With this age group experiencing the onset of perimenopause and then menopause, there are some significant changes that can impact on health, energy levels, sleep and your response to exercise. Midlife and menopause often get a bad reputation, with information focusing on hormones wreaking havoc with women's bodies and emotions.

NZREPs note that midlife is a time of positive change for most women. Those who have raised families start seeing children growing up and needing less support, and careers tend to become more settled and flexible.

The World Health Organisation measures midlife as beginning at 43 years for New Zealand women. However, there is no hard and fast 'start' date, with age related changes being very individualised. The age of menopause averages at around 51 years, with variation common as low as early forties, and for some it does not occur until in their sixties.

Regular exercise is important for overall health and disease prevention, regardless of age and life stage with at least 30 minutes of exercise, five days a week still being the gold standard. For midlife women experiencing symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, this exercise message…
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