Optus Pause allows Optus customers to pause distracting notifications

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Optus has launched the Optus Pause app allowing its customers to manage their time online by pausing connectivity.
Eating, meeting and sleeping just got a whole lot less annoying for Optus customers

Credit: Optus

Optus has launched Optus Pause, an app that gives users of Optus home and mobile devices and services in Australia the power to temporarily disconnect their devices and avoid those notifications that can pop up and be distracting at times when they otherwise shouldn't.

Optus said the app will give Optus customers "more control over their mobile and home connectivity" by allowing them to pause connectivity on all, or some, of Optus home and mobile devices and connected services with just one touch – a solution it called "a game-changing Australian first innovation".

Consistent WiFi connectivity is generally considered a good thing for telcos to provide to users of devices that connect to customer plans, however Optus has identified a desire by customers to disconnect at certain times, said…
Dominic Bayley
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