Pioneering Cruise Ship Arrives in India to be Scrapped
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The first newly built cruise ship for Carnival Cruise Lines, which was launched at a critical moment...
Pioneering Cruise Ship Arrives in India to be Scrapped

Docked in Malta in Pullmantur colors in 2008 (Stefan Grötsch photo) By The Maritime Executive 01-01-2021 03:37:40

in the development of the modern cruise ship industry, has ended its 38-year career. Introduced in 1982 as the Tropicale, this pioneering cruise ship has been beached at the scrapyards in Alang, India.

The construction order for the Tropicale was placed just eight years after Carnival began operations and came at a time when the cruise industry was mostly using older passenger ships repurposed for cruising. No new cruise ships had been built since the mid-1970s and at the time some forecasts doubted that another passenger ship would ever be built. Carnival had survived a rocky start, nearly going bankrupt before entrepreneur Ted Arison took full ownership of the line and using a "fun ship" marketing theme successfully turn around the company's finances. Carnival was operating three former liners while Arison had visions of rapid growth.

The order for the first newly built cruise ship went to the Danish shipyard Aalborg Verft for a 36,000 gross ton passenger ship able to accommodate approximately 1,000 passengers. At 671 feet in length, she was far from the largest passenger ship,…
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