Polls are open in the ACT election, but one major party has left significant questions unanswered

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Canberrans can start voting in the ACT election from Monday, but there is still a lot they do not know.
As voters prepare to start casting ballots in the ACT, one major party still has significant questions to answer


It is hard to know exactly what Canberra voters will be looking for when they begin walking into polling booths.

Alistair Coe and the Canberra Liberals have settled on one issue above all others — the cost of living.

Coe argues many Canberra families have never been doing it tougher, and the government needs to get out of their way and put money back in their pockets.

But, he says, that extra cash comes at no extra cost — suggesting the Canberra Liberals can deliver "better services and lower taxes".

Coe says there will be no cuts to services under a Liberal government. In fact, they will do more with less — with spending promises in healthcare, education and transport.

The Canberra Hospital expansion will be bigger and better, and more elective surgeries will be completed. More buses will be on Canberra's roads, and Catholic schools will be better funded.

It sounds like a great deal. But many voters heading to polling booths will be asking — how is all that possible?

When will the big (financial) questions be answered?

This is obviously an unusual election.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, voting is opening three weeks before election day, and all voters are being urged to cast their ballots early.

It is widely expected that the vast majority will heed this advice — with estimates of as many as 80 per cent of votes being cast before the October 17 election day.

That has altered the dynamic of the election campaign. Most of the big promises have already been made, and it is likely almost all will be public by next weekend.

It is understandable that the major parties want voters to know about all of their big, exciting plans for the years ahead before they vote.

But what about the ugly stuff? Are the parties obliged to detail how they plan to pay for it all, earlier than normal?

Both ACT Labor and the Canberra Liberals insist…
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