'Staggering': Caroline Wilson roasts Ben Brown and manager for rejecting big North contract

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'One of the worst decisions made'
3 hours ago

3 hours ago

Veteran AFL reporter Caroline Wilson says Ben Brown and manager Adam Ramanauskas' decision to turn down a three-year deal worth $750,000 per year to remain with North Melbourne was "one of the worst decisions" made in season 2020.

Brown, who kicked over 60 goals for the Kangaroos in 2017, 2018 and 2019, was last week told by North Melbourne to look for a new club.

North Melbourne had previously delisted 11 others players in a move to rebuild their list following a brutal season that saw them finish 17th on the AFL ladder.

After a rumoured three-year-deal worth $750,000 per season was put on the table earlier this year, Wilson said she was shocked Brown and his manager chose to reject the contract.

Wilson took particular aim at Ramanauskas who likely advised the forward to hold out on the deal before things took a turn for the…
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