Telstra pushes its personalisation engine faster
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fairly difficult
After a year spent achieving scale.
Telstra has spent the past year scaling up its ability to personalise offers to customers across its digital channels and will spend the next year making all aspects of that faster.

Head of digital optimisation Emir Kazazic told the Adobe Summit that the telco's personalisation efforts to date were already proving to be effective.

"The next generation of our personalised digital experiences are leading to higher engagement and conversion rates," Kazazic said.

"What we see is 2-3x higher engagement on the back of a personalised activity and also 3-5x higher conversion rates for those customers that are engaging in those personalised experiences - and that goes across acquisition, retention, loyalty, engagement and service activities across our web and app assets."

This was achieved in part through a year spent getting the foundations for "data-driven personalisation at Telstra" right.

But it was also made possible by the large number of customers active in the carrier's digital channels; Kazazic said Telstra had "6.3 million…
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