These Airbag Jeans Could Fashionably Protect Motorcyclists
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Strapping on a leather suit can protect you from a nasty case of road rash should you wipe out on a motorcycle, but that's about it. For more robust protection during a crash, several companies have been developing airbag technology for motorcycles, including a pair of inflatable jeans designed to...
These Airbag Jeans Could Fashionably Protect Motorcyclists

protect a rider's legs.

Surrounding a driver or passenger in a car in life-saving airbags is relatively easy; they're surrounded by doors, roofs, and dashboards that provide lots of places to covertly stash airbag devices that can cushion them from several sides during a crash. For motorcycles, the safety devices are a lot harder to implement. Years ago Honda developed a bike with an airbag integrated just above the fuel tank that cushions the rider's chest in an accident, but it was really only useful for head-on collisions where the rider's momentum would throw them forward into the handlebars.

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A more reliable airbag alternative for motorcyclists has been jackets that inflate around a rider during an accident, thoroughly protecting their torso no matter what direction an impact occurs from. The earliest designs…
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