tvOS 14 FAQ: Everything you need to know
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Here is everything you need to know about tvOS 14, including its major new features and updates.

Apple's tvOS isn't its most popular operating system, but if you have an Apple TV, you definitely care about what each major new version brings.

With tvOS 13 (and subsequent point releases) we got a lot of big features like interface changes, Xbox and PlayStation controller support, multiple users, and Control Center. By comparison, the features coming in tvOS 14 are minor, but sometimes the little things makes all the difference. Here's what you can expect when tvOS 14 launches this fall.

Update 05/04/20: Apple made tvOS 14.5 available last week. It adds the new color calibration feature, App Tracking Transparency, and support for the latest Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

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The latest: tvOS 14.5 is available

The latest version of tvOS is 14.5, and it adds several useful new features.

For those with an iPhone that has Face ID and iOS 14.5, you can now use your iPhone to calibrate the color and brightness output of your Apple TV for a more accurate picture. We show you how to do that here.

Those who have picked up an Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5 will be happy to know they can use their new controllers with the Apple TV now.

The App Tracking Transparency feature from iOS 14.5 is present in tvOS 14.5 as well.

You can free up space on your Apple TV by automatically removing apps you don't use often. You'll still keep the app's saved data, and the icon will remain on the home screen, waiting to be re-downloaded when you select it. The iPhone and iPad have had this feature for ages, it's nice to see it come to Apple TV. Go to Settings > Apps to enable this feature.

To download the update, open the Settings app, then System, the Software Updates.

How to get tvOS 14

On your Apple TV, launch the Settings app and select System, then Software Updates. Select Update Software and your Apple TV…
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