US election: Trump's list of broken promises after four years as president
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Trump has learned the same hard truth that plagued his predecessors: governing isn't easy.
President Donald Trump speaks during a North Carolina campaign rally. Photo / AP

President Donald Trump swept into office nearly four years ago as a populist outsider who promised to get things done quickly on behalf of the American people through sheer force of will and unrivalled knowledge about the art of the deal.

He has checked off some items on his to-do list.

Trump pushed through the most significant overhaul of the US tax system since President Ronald Reagan. Trump, as he said he would, tilted the Supreme Court further to the right with confirmation of two conservative justices and likely a third, Amy Coney Barrett, in the coming days. His promise to get tough on illegal immigration has resulted in a surge in migrant apprehensions at the US-Mexico border.

But Trump has also faced the same hard truth that each of his White House predecessors learned: governing is rarely easy.

A look at some of the president's unfinished business as he asks voters for a second term in the White House:


Trump has managed to undermine President Barack Obama's healthcare law, but has fallen far short of his promise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

His administration has managed to dismantle parts of the law. Enrolment periods have been shortened, some subsidies were ended and the individual mandate — the fine for people without health insurance — has been eliminated.

President Donald Trump's attempts to dismantle Obamacare have met strong resistance. Photo / AP

Trump says he's still focused on replacing the ACA with something "much better and much less expensive". He said in an interview with CBS that "it will be so good" if the Supreme Court puts an end to Obamacare when the justices hear challenges to it next month.

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