'Virus is still out there': Melbourne residents urged to stay vigilant on Covid

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Restrictions set to ease further on Sunday but Melburnians warned asymptomatic cases likely to be 'walking around' in community
Victorians on Friday celebrated the state going a full week without a new Covid-19 infection or death, but the government and experts say there is still virus out there.

As lockdowns being to ease, Melbourne's residents seem to have relaxed, filling restaurants and cafes to their maximum density capacities, gathering in the hundreds on beaches, and venturing outside the home more and more, often with face-masks wrapped around their chins rather than their mouths and nose.

But professor Mary-Louise McLaws from the University of New South Wales said Melbourne was not out of the woods when it comes to a possibility of a third wave.

"You've had zero or less than five cases for 12 days … That's a very short period of time, and people can have a very long incubation period," she said.

"So you've come a long way, and it's really important that you take it slowly."

Melbourne's rolling 14-day average of daily cases now sits at 1.3, but McLaws said there was still a significant possibility that asymptomatic people were walking around with the virus. This could either peter out by itself or result in an outbreak.

"They are about 50% as infectious as someone with symptoms … Now if they're not coming into contact with a lot of people, they may not spread it, or they may be highly social or work-connected, they meet a lot of people, and therefore you can get a cluster."

This message was echoed by Daniel Andrews on Friday, as the premier announced Melbourne's first full week without a Covid-19 infection since March.

"Victorians have done an amazing…
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