What happens to the Trump Organization and Donald Trump's brand after he leaves office?

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Despite Donald Trump's best attempt to overturn the result of a US presidential election, while spending most of his time on a golf course, the time is fast approaching where he and his family will need to leave the White House, and return home.
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More than any other president in US history, questions swirl about what exactly he will do next.

There's the possibility he could run for president again in 2024. He may be planning to build a new media empire to challenge Fox News.

There's the prospect of him having to fight off criminal and civil lawsuits. A quiet retirement seems unlikely.

One thing is for certain, he will be returning to the head of his fabled property investment and branding company, the Trump Organization.

But what state is his family company in?

Helpfully, the New York Times provided some insight with the release of the President's tax returns in September.

What is the Trump Organization?

Donald Trump's father Fred turned the family's property business into a success. ( AP: Pablo Martinez Monsivais )

You might think of Donald Trump's business empire as a property company. It's not. But it used to be.

It was founded in 1923 by his grandmother Elizabeth, as the property development firm E. Trump & Son.

The 'son' was Fred Trump, who by the early 1970s had turned E. Trump & Son into a successful developer of low-cost housing in Brooklyn, and decided it was time to hand that on to his son Donald.

But while the Trump Organization — renamed in 1973 — is still entirely owned by the family, it's very different now.

Successful up until 1985, Donald Trump spent the subsequent decade losing more money than any other American taxpayer.

Trump lost $1.17 billion between 1985 and 1994.

The failure of casino investments and various other business ventures drove Donald to rack up spectacular debts, which he was unable to pay off.

His one…
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