Why the latest makeup trend is making us all tired

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It's said life imitates art, and in the case of makeup's latest trend, the beauty movement is truly emulati...
ng how we all feel after 2020.

Thanks to TikTok, using makeup to fake under-eye bags is circulating the platform, with concealer and foundation aficionados spearheading the "hottest look" of 2021 — could this be the next big makeup trend?

The makeup community is sharing tutorials on how to look "more tired", applying different layers of foundations, eyeshadows and concealers to create dark under-eye circles.

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A viral TikTok trend has claimed 'eye bags' are in. (TikTok)

While bags under your eyes have long been a major insecurity for many, they may now just boast the same "designer" status as your Chanel or Louis Vuitton variety, with thousands of users taking up the trend.

In one video, a makeup artist uses a beige lipstick, spreading two smudge marks underneath the inner corner of both of her eyes.

She then blends the…
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