2021 Ford Bronco Sport vs Jeep Cherokee, Compass Trailhawks | How they compare on paper

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The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport is here, and just like its big Bronco sibling, the main competition comes from Jeep. Not all crossovers are equal in their ability to traverse sketchy trails or rocks, and Ford has geared up the Bronco Sport to be about as good as it gets for this kind of driving. The Jeep
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Cherokee, and to a lesser extent the Jeep Compass, share this dual personality of refined on-road driving with the ability to go off-road if you so choose.

A Bronco Sport is most similar in stature to the Compass, but the Cherokee is the better choice from Jeep if you want greater capability off the paved roads. All three of these models come in varying degrees of that capability, as well. If you want peak Bronco Sport, get the Badlands or First Edition. If you want the best Cherokee or Compass off-road, you'll need to pony up for the Trailhawk trim. That being the case, the off-road specs in the chart below all reflect the most capable versions of each vehicle available. We'll break it down even further in the different…
Zac Palmer
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