Bag of cash found at B.C. Tim Hortons, police searching for rightful owner
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Police are looking for the rightful owner of a bag of cash found at a Tim Hortons but aren't releasing how much money was found.
VANCOUVER -- Mounties in Coquitlam, B.C. are looking to return a bag of money found at a coffee shop to its rightful owner.

Police say a man left the bag of money behind at a Tim Hortons on Austin Avenue on June 20.

The man went inside, sat down, and left the bag behind when he was leaving.

Police say someone in the community found the "large amount of cash" and turned it over to them right away.

"Before anyone calls, they should know we have security video of the man who left the money,"…
Carly Yoshida-Butryn, Carly Yoshida-Butryn
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