Collaboration a key to fighting COVID-19 according to Saskatchewan born
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A Saskatchewan born molecular biologist believes that collaboration is a key in both science and fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Nevan Krogan shared his experiences in a virtual presentation to Saskatchewan's research community hosted by the University of Regina on Tuesday.

Krogan (BSc'97, Msc'99) is an alumnus of the U of R and discussed his work as director of the interdisciplinary Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), where he is also a professor.

The Quantitative Biosciences Institute focuses on building global networks and has established itself as an important hub for novel biomedical research and technology development. The QBI has worked on several global collaborations that have brought scientists together, and it was perfectly situated for the formation of the QBI Coronavirus Research Group.

Krogan explained that the QBI is about breaking down barriers or "silos" to respond to the pandemic in an unprecedented way. The scientific vision of the institute and his laboratory is about integration.

He explained that one of the things he dislikes about his chosen field is that it is set up to reward the individual and discourage collaboration

"What we have seen especially in this pandemic is how fast we can move when we break down these silos, these are silos between different laboratories, between different institutions around the world and between academic laboratories and large and small pharmaceutical companies," Krogan said.

Krogan's research focuses on developing and using unbiased quantitative systems approaches to study a wide variety of diseases with the ultimate goal of developing new medicines or cocktails of medicines.

They are focused on analyzing genes using various methods. They are also using chemical biology approaches to identify drugs and compounds that could potentially have therapeutic value. They want to interface the approaches and use the research in many different…
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