COVID-19 in Canada: Second 'wave or tsunami'? Ontario Premier Doug Ford says province has taken a 'extremely serious' turn
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Ontario Premier Doug Ford and health officials have confirmed that the province is in the second wave of COVID-19.
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Ontario officially in the second wave of COVID-19

At a press conference on Monday,

"We know that this wave will be more complicated, more complex, it will be worse than the first wave we faced earlier this year," Ford said. "Please follow the health guidance, please download the COVID Alert app, please get your flu shot this year, it's absolutely critical."

"If we can get everyone to take these simple steps, we can tip the scale, we can avoid the worst."

The premier went on to say that the actions people in the province make now will impact whether Ontario faces "a wave or a tsunami."

"This is extremely, extremely serious," Ford said. "Everything is on the table."

'The question is, which type of second wave is it?'

Dr. David Williams, Ontario's chief medical officer of health, said the command table is looking at various metrics and data points to determine the severity of this second wave, including hospitalizations, ICU cases, cases in long-term care settings, outbreaks, lab testing…
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