DeSantis' disappearing act; COVID pre-emption; Tiptoeing around Trump
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It's Monday Nov. 23 and do you know where your governor is? For the last two weeks, Gov. Ron DeSantis has remained virtually absent from public view. Like...
his mentor, President Donald Trump, the governor has scarcely appeared in public or made remarks in person. His official public schedule has mostly been empty. This is in sharp contrast to his omnipresence before the election as he hop-scotched across the state prompting the president's pandemic messaging.

Last week, the governor's communications director said with certainty that the governor would have a press conference. Instead, DeSantis traveled to the White House, got a briefing on vaccines and therapeutics, and then posted a five-minute video on social media about it. Like his predecessor, he is trying to control the message when he can't control the questions.


What questions do we have for the governor? For starters, does he agree with Trump's claims that the election "was rigged"? Does he have any concern these baseless claims could destabilize the election process for when he seeks re-election in two years?

President-elect: Last week, Sen. Marco Rubio referred to Joe Biden as "president-elect," making him the first prominent Florida Republican — who isn't retiring — to directly acknowledge Biden's victory as Trump continued to falsely claim he won the election.

Meanwhile, we are keeping a running tally of other high-profile Florida Republicans who refuse to react and respond to the president's extra-legal gambit.

Mayors protest: Perhaps a more urgent question to the governor right now is: Will you reverse your pre-election decision to pre-empt local government enforcement of coronavirus mask mandates and social distancing limits?

As DeSantis remained out of the spotlight last week, the mayors of five Florida cities held a news conference asking him to impose a statewide mask mandate, ramp up the state's testing effort, and reinstate the authority of local governments to impose coronavirus restrictions.

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