Ford hints at July 9 reveal for 2021 Bronco
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A new generation of the Ford Bronco is just around the corner.
The first Bronco came to life in 1966 and the last bowed out some 30 years later. It was an SUV before SUVs were a thing, and over multiple generations it grew quite a bit in size and became a vehicle you were more likely to see at a shopping mall strip than crawling over boulders.

To many, however, it's known as the vehicle involved in a slow-speed car chase in Southern California on a June day back in 1994. Riding in the back of a white Bronco that fateful day was O.J. Simpson, who had just been charged with two counts of murder. Although Simpson owned a Bronco, the famous example actually belonged to his friend and former teammate Al Cowlings, who was behind the wheel during the chase.

Ford is now set to unveil a new generation of the Bronco, and the automaker has just posted an image of the bucking bronco logo on Instagram together with the tag,…
Viknesh Vijayenthiran, Viknesh Vijayenthiran - Editor, Kirk Bell - Senior Editor, Stephen Edelstein - Contributing Writer
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